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CERTIFICATIONS: For products available on request

F24_CE Grant(G102089T)
EC Identification No. 0678
to act as a Notified Body in accordance with the R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC of 9. March 1999.
F25 series CE Certificate ETS PRODUCT SERVICE AG, NorrrrnoB ooyA CCr.o R&TTEDirective 999/5/EC
bullets Registration No.- G102089T     bullets Registration No.- U9M20708-8445

Certifications and Conformity

Telecrane Remote Controls are manufactured under strict guidelines under  ISO 9001.

Telecrane Remote controls are also backed by CE certification, and comply with  EU Directives such as:

Machinery Directive: 98/37/EC
Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive: 2004/108/EEC
Low Voltage Directive: 2006/95/EEC
Radio Equipment Directive: 1999/5/EC

Telecrane Remote Controls in addition conform to the following Directives:

EN 13557:2003 31.12.2005 – Cranes – Controls and Control Stations

EN ISO 13849-1:2006 Safety of Machinery – Safety related parts of control systems – Part 1: General principles for design.

Category 4 for “STOP”
Category 3 for “CONTROL”

EN 60204-1:2006 Safety of Machinery- Electrical Equipment of Machines – Part 1: General Requirements.

EN 60204 – 32: 1998 Safety of Machinery – Electrical Equipment of Machines – Part 32: Requirements for hoisting machines (IEC 60204-32:1998)